Monday, August 3, 2009

The only 'butt' I care about... F/f

"But, but Mommieeeee!!!! Owwwwwieee!"

"Hush! I'm not in any mood, the only 'butt' I'm concerned with right now, young lady, is your little 'butt'!"


"Oooowwww!!!! Mommmieee!"

"sly, since you were away on vacation, you picked up quite a few bad habits, little girl!"

Spank! Spank spank spank spank spank spank spank!

"Your manners are awful! "


"sly, I want to be hearing please, and yes Mommie, and No Mommie, and may I, and Sir and Ma'am when you are talking to other adults, and it's 'yes', not yeah, and you will Answer when I talk to you, do you understand me sly?"


"Ow ow oww! Ohhh yes Mommie yes Mommie I understand Ma'am! Oh I'm sorry oh it hurts please stop, please!"


"Not yet. I'm tired of your eye rolling, the crossed arms, the huffing, the sighing, and it Stops, miss sly, now!"

Spank spank spank spank spank!

"Oh OW yes Mommie no eye rolling Mommie I won't!"

Spank spank spank!


My hand, resting on bare red bottom as I wait....

"Um, no crossed arms, and no huffing?"

"Good, that's right."


"And, I'm tired of all the backtalk, all the sass, of having to tell you more then once to do something. That stops too, young lady."

"Yes Mommie yes Ma'am!"

"Good. " pat pat pat...

"Now, up you go, nose in the corner, and hands Off your fanny, I'll let you know when you can come out. Scoot."


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  1. i Promise! Mommie! that i will stop the sassing and eye rolling'll do my chores and i'll say yes Ma'am & Sir and i'll be respectful! i Promise, Mommieeeee!!!!

    i Know i've been a bad girl, Mommie, and i'm So Sorryyyyyy!!!

    *stands with nose in corner, arms to my side, crying and sobbing and Soooo happy to be home with my Mommie!!!*

    yes Ma'am!