Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lilly's freshman year F/f

"Lily, time to get up, and I don't want to have to call you again, young lady, understood?"

Whether she was understood or not, her Mom didn't wait around for an answer, but swatted her daughters fanny as it poked up from under the sheets. Even though the swat hadn't been that hard, the whining "Mommmmmm!" that it produced brought a smile to her face, as it was proof that Lilly was still feeling the effects of last nights mother daughter talk.

Lilly heard the door mostly close, and then got out of bed, squeaking a bit as her bottom sat on the bed for a bit to long. Shutting the door tightly, she went over to the full length mirror, and pulled her shorty nighty up off her sore bottom, no need to take panties down, since she hadn't bothered with putting them on last night, and turned, peeking over her shoulder at the reflected damage.

Well, she thought, not as bad as last night, by any means, but gosh, it still really hurt when she sat. Or, she sulked, when her Mom swatted her.

"Lilly?" came the query from downstairs.

"I'm up, I'm up! I'll be down in a sec!" The other comments that she might have made, such as 'geez' or 'give me a break!' or 'gawd, I'll be down when I'm down!' were not said, although they were thought. Part of what had gotten her into spanking trouble last night, was that she had seriously backtalked last night when her Mom was scolding her about her homework. Sassing right now, the morning after a spanking, was pretty much a sure fire way to get her fanny spanked before school, and that wasn't in Lilly's plans.

So she hurried downstairs, her older sister was there waiting as well, already eating, smirking at her as she sat and then squeaked. No way to avoid it though, her parents insisted that the girls sit and eat, and not just rush off, sore bottom or not.

Breakfast done, she took care of her dishes quick, no need for a lecture on that as well, and then hurried back upstairs, to take a quick shower and get ready for the day.

The shower was short, even by school morning standards, warm water spraying on her bottom wasn't that comforting.

So, Lilly was back in her room wrapped in her towel, as she dried her hair and decided what to wear today.

Normally she had all her outfits picked out well in advance, but last nights spanking made her question things. Usually after a spanking, she'd be wearing a dress or skirt, something that was loose and wouldn't rub, not like her jeans or pants.

But, she'd been bragging about this new pair of sky blue 'jeans', and some of the girls had said that no way her Mom was going to shell out that much money for them. So if she didn't show up in them, after she said she already had them, well, the teasing would be unbearable. Wearing them the next day wouldn't work either, the would just assume she hadn't had them, and had begged her Mom to buy them for her.

So no way around it, she'd just have to suck it up, sometimes you had to suffer for fashion.

Looking in her pantie drawer, the nice, soft, full briefs caught her eye, again, under normal circumstances, what she would choose post spanking. Again, fashion dictated otherwise. No Way was she going to have panty lines from briefs showing under her new pants!

That meant her only real choice were her cute but snug bikinis, the ones with the cute elastic at waist,and legs. Elastic that on days like today felt like sandpaper and did nothing except irritate. Finding a blue pair that almost matched her pants, with cute litte contrasting elastic, Lilly shimmied into her undies, and then snagged out a bra as well, and got that on as well. And looked in the mirror again.


The girl looking back at her was tall, 5'7", and looking like she was going to sprout a bit more, as her folks would tease. Long brown hair that was almost to her waist, brown eyes, hips and bottom Finally starting to curve and plump out nicely now that she was 14, but, sadly, not to much on top yet. So she turned from side to side, seeing if changing the angle somehow helped. Or if pushing her arms together, did. And that did, a bit. At least her Mom had consented about a year ago, and had let her start wearing bras, even if she really didn't need them.

end part 1....