Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lilly's freshman year, part 2 F/f

Okay, time to get ready, so Lilly picked out a dark blue pullover top with a cute scoop neck, not to low, of course. Laying it over the pants which were on her bed, she decided that the color would work.

Top on first, even though it wasn't long, might as well avoid putting her pants on as long as she could.

Sigh. No way around it. Have to put them on now. Even though they were Mom approved, as far as snugness went, Lilly had 'modified' them a bit that first night. Telling her Mom she had to wash them, to make sure that no dye bled over onto something else, she made sure she 'accidently' shrunk them just a little. Which, now, the morning after a spanking, made getting them on more then a bit of an adventure.

She slid them up to her hips, then winced as she shimmied them up and over her fanny. Oh. Perhaps she'd shrunk them a bit more then she'd intended. Lilly took a deep breath, sucked her tummy in, and zipped them up, and buttoned them. Done!

Now for another quick look in the mirror. Oh! They fit Very nicely now, cupping, lifting and even separating her new lower curves, and more then just a little bit! Oh, the boys were going to notice her even more today!

Biting her lip, Lilly reflected on a different problem though, no way in heck were these 'Mom approved' anymore. In fact, if her Mom saw her trying to leave the house looking like this, she'd have kittens.

So, since taking them off wasn't really an option that even entered her head, that left the only obvious choice, how to sneak out of the house. Which, given plenty of experience, wasn't that hard. She just waited until her sisters boyfriend pulled up to give them a ride to school, and then scampered downstairs calling out 'by' to her Mom, while she was still in a different room.

Her sister just looked at her, and rolled her eyes. And then smacked her boyfriend and narrowed her eyes when he 'looked' at Lilly too.

Things went well at school too, she showed off not just for the boys, but also to the girls who hadn't thought that she really had them. Her friends oohed and ahhed appreciatively, and when she went to class, her friends and not so friends were commenting more about the way those new pants fit, than anything else.

Her first class was okay, but by the end of the period, sitting on that hard chair, it was all she could do not to fidget every little bit.

Second period didn't go quite as well. The dreaded gym class. Which while not one of her favorites, normally wasn't hated by Lilly either. Days like today though, post spanking days, well, that was different.

Because you had to change for gym.

Changing went okay, the class itself wasn't To horrid, though she was a little stiff and slow, you really forgot just how much you used your bottom day to day, until you got spanked. But then gym was done, and it was time to get changed. More precisely, it was time to get showered and changed.

And the showers weren't those nice individual ones either, they were those everyone in one room, with the showers against the wall. Damn.

And, trying to get out of showering was risky too. Because if you got caught doing that, you risked getting paddled, and Coach Robinson was widely known to swing a Mean paddle.

Damn. That meant having to shower then.

Okay. A quick strategic strip, managingto keep her bottom towards her locker, and wrapped in her towel, a casual walk to the showers.

Then things didn't go so well. There really isn't any way to discretely take your towel off, and sidle towards the shower, with your back to the wall. She had been hoping for some steam to hide in, but the lack of steam and squeals coming from the showers, let her know that the seniors who had gym before the freshman, had drained all the hot water. Damn.

Lilly made it about 5 steps after detoweling, when a voice called out, "Hey! Look! Lilly got spanked!"

Which soon turned into a chant.

Face red, the only showers open in the middle and not a convienent corner, she still kept her back to the wall as much as possible, and then hurried back out, towel around her, Coach Robinson casually checking to make sure no one tried to sneak out. And catching one poor girl who for whatever reason, had.

Poor shy Tammy, and Lilly's bottom hurt just watching and listening to her paddling. The only good thing was that everyone's attention was on Tammy, not Lilly, who rapidly took advantage of this, and skinned into her panties and pants in record though painful time.

Just in time to see the end of poor Tammy's paddling.

The Coach had Tammy bent over, touching her toes, her thin dress pulled tight over her rather plump bottom, and then the paddle came down for the second time. Tammy was already sniffling from the first lick, and at the second Loud pop she popped back up, both hands furiously scrubbing at her bottom, not caring in the least who was looking, shyness now long forgotten.


That was the Coach, and despite her reputation, her voice while firm really wasn't that mean right now.

"Tammy? I need you to bend back over, you have one more lick coming, and I really don't want to have to give you extras, okay? You can do this. Come on, hands off your bottom, that's a good girl, bend please, just like that, good, touch your toes, hold still now, almost done..."

The Coach put one hand softly on Tammy's back, to help her stay down, although the last 'lick' was Just as hard as the first two had been, and Tammy was crying now, not softly crying, but crying crying.

You could see the muscles working on the Coaches arm, as she no longer 'gently' held Tammy in place, but Held her down.

"Okay, Tammy, now you can get up. And, what did you learn today?"

Tammy was up now, hopping in place, cupping her bottom and crying.

"I, I always have to shower after gym Ma'am!"

"Good girl, now, go shower, scoot!"

more coming,


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  1. insomnia is a pain in the ass. anyway, good story so far. I hope lilly gets away with the pants, but its your story :)