Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Thursday maintenance spanking, M/F, rl,sexual, enema

Well, just like he said he would, I got another maintenance spanking and lesson Thursday morning, as soon as Leah was out the door.

The thing I was to focus on, was to remember to be humble, especially with other women, to not be arrogant, to not be defensive, and to not put people down when I'm insecure.

This was a firmer lesson, even though it was maintenance. And it had one of my more hated postions, what I think of as a school type paddling, where after he bared my bottom, and yes, I do find it embarrassing to be bared for punishment or discipline, I had to stand against the wall, take several steps back, then lean forward, with my hands on the wall, arms straight, and legs straight. My bottom felt so tight and Big like that, and I hate being unsupported as well. And he had me raise up on my tiptoes, as if it wasn't bad enough already.

It's at times like these that I'm not sure if staying in shape with yoga and all, is a good thing or not.

His implement of choice for this lesson, was the longer lexan paddle, which also just happens to have holes. If anyone wants, I'll be more then happy to share the site that he got our lexans from. After all, an experience like that should really be shared.

It was so hard to stay in position for my spanking, he paused after each lick, and I would hiss or squeal or after a while, cry, and my fanny would shake and my knees bend, and he'd just wait till I got back in position, offering my poor bottom up to him. I swear it felt like I'd sat on a stove, lexan burns So bad!

He also made sure he went down about a paddle width onto my sitspot/upper thighs. Dang that gets a girls attention.

After, I had corner time, as usual, and after that, we fooled around and he held me.

However, as I was dressing after my shower to get scooting (as fast as my tender bottom let me scoot) to work, he stopped me, and said he thought I needed a little reminder about humilty for the morning at least, and I was placed over his lap, my panties lowered, my cheeks spread, my shy nervous bottom hole was lubed up, and then he slid a plug up and into my bottom!

Oh gosh I squeaked some then!

Then panties back up, and swatted on the fanny and told to finish getting dressed, and a big kiss.

All confused, my poor little body was!

He was right though, it was very humbling having the plug in, at work. Sitting and feeling it pushing in, walking and feeling it move, knowing why it was there.

Then that night, Leah had a date and was going over to her boyfriends, so we had an empty house.

I know my face turned bright red, when I walked into our bathroom, and I saw the nice old fashioned bag hanging from the shower rod. An enema bag for those of you who didn't guess.

So, he came up after me, and got the bag all ready, then a towel on the bed, and me kneeling head and chest flat, bottom high, as he lubed me, and then teased me wickedly with the nozzle. It's bigger then standard, say hot dog sized, so I know it's there. Blush.

Then he slid it in, and in, and then started touching me lower, and I was damp and swollen and needy, and he was circling my clit as well, and then the water started, not to fast, and nice and warm, and I started panting, and I was so randy and wanting him, and then he took me from behind as he filled my tummy with the water...

I clamped so hard on him, and started coming almost as soon as he took me, it just happened, and when he kept taking me, I kept coming. And he would play with the nozzle, and spank my bottom as well, and finger and play with my clit, and it was all just too muich.

Well, he finished, then I squealed and had to run off for a bit.

When I got back, I was over the pillows, as he took advantage of what he'd done to me shortly before.

Sitting was very tender yesterday, and not just because of the spanking.



  1. Apoplogies to Angie .... I accidentally rejected your comment at my blog on that 'Pink Bottom' !!! Sorry !!

  2. Oh...and tomorrow is Tuesday too! i'll be thinking of you. Be brave!


  3. Very erotic description. Thank you.

  4. Very nice, lovely imagery - thanks for sharing!

    Mrs M