Thursday, September 3, 2009

I sit behind you... M/F, domestic rl

I sit behind you, and I lean forward, and kiss your neck. I trace your muscles with my fingers, still so amazing to me how different you and I can be. And I trace the scars as well, I know them all well, and I'm glad that you don't mind that I love to touch them. I also love how when we are at the beach, and you pull off your shirt, how the young guys will look at you, your muscles, but then those scars, and I can see them wince. And I get all tingly inside knowing I'm yours.

I kiss your neck again, blowing softly on the damp skin after, giggling as I watch your skin twitch at the cool sensation.

Then I yelp as you reach behind you, and gather me up in one big arm, and simply pull me up and around and onto your lap like I'm a toy. My insides are tingling again, and more.

I love being on your lap.

Or over your lap. Even for the punishment spankings. Well, not the actual spanking, but the fact that you love me enough to correct me when I need it, I do love that about you. And, if I'm going to be spanked, there is a comfort to being over your lap, feeling your hard warm thighs under me, your arm pressing on my back.

I'm so very happy right now, my arms are around your neck, and I pull myself up on you, and kiss you, then I soften, and you Kiss me, claiming my mouth, kissing that spot below my ear that makes me melt, and I croon, and your hand is playing with my panties, your other hand playing with my bare breasts through my unbuttoned shirt, and I'm so randy right now, but so sensitive to, every touch is exquisite, yet almost to much.

I try to turn to face you as I sit on your lap, my legs wanting to part, to wrap around your waist and hold you tight to me, but thug that you are, my thug, you don't let me, you hold me where you want, how you want, and I have no chance of breaking away, and knowing that I'm under your control is such a rush and turn on.

You kiss the spot below my ear again, then her sister on the other side, and my panties are so wet now, not damp, wet, and you nibble my ear as your finger is taking ever so wicked liberties below my panties now, and you whisper what a naughty little wife you have, and I shiver, my nipples going past hard, to painfully hard.

For almost two weeks now, you have, after giving me quite the punishment spanking, you have given me maintenance spankings, twice a week, on Tue and Thur, and my bottom is tender even now, but I'm so very much yours. All I can think about is you, about behaving, pleasing you, you bedding me, all of it.

It all jumbles together.

My panties are being slid down now, but you avoid the more sensitive and needy areas, as I pout, and then I find myself being turned over your lap, and I whimper.

You leave my panties banded about my lower thighs, and lean down and kiss each cheek on her plump sore crown, then you rub, softly, and start to spank, not so softly.

My bottom clenches at each spank, and I end up rubbing myself against your jean covered thighs as I try to escape the spanks, and the friction makes me even more frantic, hotter now than my bottom.

But you force me to your rythmn, not mine, and then the occasional Hard spank brings gasps and squeals and frantic kicking and parted legs.

Fingers on my fanny, softly parting and spreading cheeks, and my face is red, I'm embarrassed and excited, and you know it.

I feel your finger tracing my wetness, then that spot between thigh and labia, teasing me, then back up between my cheeks, tapping against my shy bottom hole, and you tell me how you are going to spank between my cheeks, and make me bring you the small wooden spoon and you are going to spank All over between my cheeks, and I whimper as you spank me, because I know you will, and I know what will happen after....



  1. Very nice, great post with lovely description - thanks for sharing!

    Mrs M

  2. What an author you are. Welcome back